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where did the Beales family live

So where did the Beales and Bell
family live in St Osyth ?

These pages attempt to show the descendants of the Beales family in St Osyth.
The Beales name was extensive in the community from the mid 1800`s until the 1970`s.
For example , in the 1881 census there were 28 names registered as Beales.
By the 1901 census, this increased to 41 some 20 years later.

My own family lived in Chestnut Cottage in Spring Rd. I cannot be sure when my parents moved in, but it must have been before 1934, we finally vacated the premises in 1972.
I have attempted on this
web site to document the Beales and Bell ( my mothers side) back as far as records currently take us.
The Bell family together with the Clampins lived in the Gas House which was located opposite the Kings Arms. This supplied Gas to the Priory.

(<<<<< Grandfather Beales, head gardener at the Priory)

The Beales were also related to the Ramplings, Bareham, Clampin and the Last families.
The Beales family line can be traced back to Stowmarket circa 1740.

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view of Chestnut Cottage along Spring Rd

The Chestnut tree in front of the cottage
Note the large Chestnut Tree in the front garden

Chestnut House and Chestnut Cottage.

No doubt named after the large Chestnut tree in the front garden

Chestnut House was the residence of William Rampling (a man of some considerable wealth) who was the local "Carrier" from the late 1800`s

On the side of Chestnut Cottage back in the early 1970`s, there was a large oil lamp bracket high up on the chimney. On the walls there was still evidence of metal rings used to tie up the horses.

One of the larger buildings in the yard was evidently the stable block. You could still see the straw which had blown up into the rafters.
When the Ramplings moved out and sometime before 1934, the property was subdivided into four separate properties.

Ernest Beales and his family lived in Chestnut Cottage ( to the right).
To the far left there was another cottage on the side of Spring Rd with a further one at the rear.

The gas house colchester road

The Gas House (left), Colchester Rd.
Now demolished.

Home of the Bell family

My mother Ivy Beales
The ladies of the Bell family standing by the road
One of those ladies is Ivy, my mother.

1911 - George and Miriam Clampin lived in the Gas House with their 6 children

Frank Bell married Alice Jane Rampling in 1894.
They originally lived in Sproughton before moving to St Osyth around 1901.
At this time, the census has them listed as living at 16 Colchester Rd.

The Bell family moved in after the Clampins moved (circa 1930) to 74 Colchester Rd.


The garden of Chestnut Cottage

Dated 2012

Chestnut Cottage, House and garden together with the Primary School land, now residential housing.

The red hatched line indicate the former land area of Chestnut House and Chestnut Cottage.
The garden shown below the red wavy line

The blue line indicates the Primary School
land area.

The entrance to both properties were adjacent to each
other, off Spring Road.

The gardens were divided, 15% to Chestnut House and 85% for the Cottage.

It had an abundance of fruit trees such as apple, pear, bullace, greengage and sloe.
Chickens and rabbits.


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